I’m still working on some of the pics from this shoot but wanted to post a few of my favorites. My mother in law and Laurean made this shoot happen! Laurean is such a professional and my mother in law used her horse whispering skills to ensure both models were happy!

I designed this shoot by the way. Laurean looked like everything I intended- intelligent, fierce and wild.


Since Jason (amazing photographer friend, Click here to see his awesome work) moved to Houston, he’s demonstrated how to up my photography game with external lighting.

Jason booked the beautiful model, Regan Barwick (Time Talent Agency, LLC) and we set up a shoot by the Menil collection in Houston. I joined Jason as the second photographer on this shoot.

The very talented Lydia Lutz was a true artist with the makeup and styling. See/like her work by clicking here!!!!!

How cool is Regan’s hipster hippie vibe in this shoot?

I love her long flowing locks!









Here are the favorite shots I snapped with my camera…







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So, now that I get the science behind external lighting, plan on seeing my pocket wizards, 2xSB600s and SB900 and soft box in future shoots. Having the knowledge of external lighting will make a huge difference in a photographer’s career. If Jason ever gives lighting classes, I highly recommend any photographer to go and listen to the way he teaches- thorough, easy to understand and legit.

Art is the best, isn’t it?? It allows us to let go outside and create. Life is a big classroom and art class has always been my favorite.



What do you miss about being five years old?

Let me tell you what I miss: I was fearless with my creativity. As many of you know, it’s been a dark month for me. (see why by clicking here.) At 3:45 Saturday (7/14/12) morning, I came face to face with an intruder in my hallway. It was dark and I was trying to adjust my eyes. I locked eyes with a stranger, standing a foot away from him, petrified. In that frozen nanosecond, I saw fear in his eyes. I wasn’t afraid of the dark. I was afraid of what was in it. To make a long story short, my husband was BOSS, no one was killed or hurt, and nothing was stolen. It took the Houston police TWO hours to come save us by the way.

By the way, here is what works for us to deter intruders: a gun and a guard dog.



bad@ss mothaf#cka. bet.

Nonetheless, the next morning, my bff photography geek/mouth of the south/GENIUS photographer and lighting idol, Jason Talley, see his AMAZING work by clicking HERE!, called me. We were supposed to do a shoot together but I really didn’t feel like it. I didn’t get much sleep, and let’s face it, life felt like it took a big fat dump on me. I told Jason I didn’t feel like going. He said something to the effect of, “That’s total bullshit. You’re just being lazy. You’re making excuses. You will find any excuse to not do what you love. Get up. Get out. See you at one.” I sat in silence, stunned at his forthrightness. I’m not lazy. I had 1500 hrs on an Air Force plane. I got my master’s degree in 10 months with a 4.0. Life blows sometimes, but I’ll be damned if I’ll be called lazy. I’m strong. And Jason has been through HELL with his childhood. In ten years, I’ve never heard him complain about work and I flew and deployed with him. So, I got my camera and met him at one o’clock. If he can rise above and shoot for owning his talent, so could I.



love this one.

free spirit.

Here are my fav pics:

slideshow below.



















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Here’s the truth. A friend tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear. Jason lit a fire under my ass. Jason showed me lighting and let me be as creative as I wanted to be- he taught me soooooo much about external lighting. He got some wonderful shots of our diverse and beautiful model, Sarah Dyer, and I got a few good shots as well. My camera felt like a respite to my soul. That helped me be fearless with my creativity. When I thanked Jason for that, because it means the world to me, he acted like it was no big deal. He was just glad to see me back at work. Now that’s a friend. Thanks Jason. A big thanks to the sweet Sarah (and her patient boyfriend Josh) for being so awesome. ❤

Your creativity is your prayer to this world. Witholding my gift of photography is doing a disservice to both myself and God. The world is crying out for fearless people to inspire with creativity- for these people to own themselves and put in the work. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Let it lead the way to your joy.