Tonight I intently listened to cracks in the sky and took in the gush of pine perfume. This weekend I opened all windows + doors and listened to song birds as I accomplished household chores. I guess the outdoors were missing me again because this short burst of a storm called my name. Nearly as soon as it came, the storm was gone. The stars were out again, cutting the darkness with diamond fire.

18mm, f/3.5, 30 sec exposure

18mm, f/3.5, 30 sec exposure

I keep getting a feeling like I’m more connected to the stars and all the people I’ve ever met than I realize. Living in nature helped propel that connection. I am grateful for my sacred space on this Earth, for it is a space of wonder, amazement and creativity. A place to get lost and feel the joy kindred to that of a child. A safe space to learn, grow and create. I am even more grateful clients can enjoy it too. =)

Here is a roundup of the sky this week. It looks like the Moon and Orion are going to either have a duel or a dance off.




Please take a moment to relate this timeline in millions of years to your short span of life. Simply amazes me.

At Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, I took a tour of the world and its history. These pictures were taken in a single building. So many tragedies have occurred lately. It was nice to go to the museum and fill the emptiness with knowledge, perspective and the wonder of Earth’s conundrums.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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Day 105 of 365+1: a picture a day for a year.

On today’s walk, somehow a friend spotted an owl in a tree during daylight! How crazy is that? It’s living in the front yard! She sure has good eyes because I never would have spotted this owl. Luckily I was very close to my camera gear and had time to snap a couple of shots.

Anywhoooooo, it is an eastern screech owl. The owl should be named. Maybe Tootsie??? Sounds too feminine. I think I like Hunter but will need to get the ok from my friend since she is the one who discovered the owl.

I imagine the owl perched in the tree right now, watching out for us and this property. Now I don’t feel so lonely on insomnia plagued nights.

The Appalachian Mountain range dates back 480 million years. Its coal is the residue of peat bogs formed in tropical coastal swamps when there was a single supercontinent, Pangaea. This makes my home one of the oldest mountain ranges on Earth. I was home around Cumberland Gap, Tn and its surrounding areas in Virginia and Kentucky and was flabbergasted by the drastic change of landscapes. Some mountains are totally gone. Others looked so scraggly and pitiful from both mining and logging. See examples below:

Seriously, how sad is this? I did some research and saw that Houston has more of an impact on these mountains than the area that the mountains are actually in. Enter your zip code by clicking here to see your mountain top removal impact.

480 million years to build and just a few baby boomers to blow it up. I get so sad when I see what we do to the planet sometimes. There has to be better solutions out there loves- and people willing to stand up for what is right. We start by doing that locally.


This trip has been like a cold drink of water after low crawling miles in the desert. I needed the Appalachians in autumn to soothe my soul and it was nice to escape the busy traffic and excessive honking of horns all day and night. In Houston if a siren goes off, no one flinches. Here if a siren goes off, everybody knows that Mrs. Hogwash had been backed up for five days because she ate too much fried cheesy hashbrown casserole at the church revival and had to call an ambulance.

Home can be many places. I think it’s all the places that you have been that connect the dots to your soul. I’ll miss the sweet smell of the air here. I’ll miss the fog rolling through the mountains and people waving at you as they pass you on the road because that’s the etiquette around here. I’ll miss the ‘Hey darlin’s’ and ‘Thank ya sweetie’s’. I’ll miss the genuine smiles of people who know your roots and love you still even after all this time. I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity and support to take this trip. To me, God writes gospel in the trees and creeks and sunshine- for going outside is really going inside your soul and stirring the beauty within.

Here are some teaser pictures to tide you over. Please bear with me as I travel and start applying for some post grad schools. Who knows what will happen with that? But I sure do love being a photographer and can’t wait to get back to the women’s center. I’ll post soon lovelies. Thanks for reading and being a part of my experience! Now, to quote my fellow Tennesseean homie Davy Crocket, “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” =)  Hugs and love.   –BV–J.

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