Baby boys are so fun to photograph. Enzo was no exception. I had so much fun getting dirty with him– I was combat rolling around in the dirt to get the shot while Enzo was playing in the dirt. We are both dedicated to Mother Earth!!! 😉

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Things are shifting in the world and everyone knows it. Yet somehow I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve taken everything I’ve ever thought I’ve known and thrown it off a cliff. I’ve taken on a beginner’s mind, a mind like a child. We are in a time of rapid information and change. Children learn so rapidly that they are neither afraid of not knowing nor convinced they already know what they don’t. I figured I could take a lesson or two from that. After a certain age, we start to feel like we know quite a bit about life and no longer feel the need to seek out experience. In essence, we become teachers and get rusty. We take pains to avoid the exposure of ignorance and act as though we know, even when we don’t. But here’s the thing: if you accept and love yourself as you are, engaging in the vulnerable act of learning without fear of looking foolish, you put the desire to grow ahead of defending your ignorance. This applies not only to learning new skills or activities but to all we think we know about life. Don’t let deeply ingrained beliefs limit your experience. For example, we think: “If things get good, something bad will happen,” or “I can’t really have what I want in life.” Sure, you can insist on these beliefs, beat yourself up, guilt yourself into believing you don’t deserve them, self-sabatoge your heart with your mind, find facts from your past to support all this evidence, build a case for why they are so. Doing so shuts the door to the opportunity of experience. As only an empty cup can be filled, so your heart must be empty of pride and what it thinks it knows to receive the gift of wisdom. Embrace humility. Meet life head-on. Drop the case you’ve built for yourself and make room to grow.

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We are all changing together. Hold on to one another and keep peace in your hearts.


Tonight I intently listened to cracks in the sky and took in the gush of pine perfume. This weekend I opened all windows + doors and listened to song birds as I accomplished household chores. I guess the outdoors were missing me again because this short burst of a storm called my name. Nearly as soon as it came, the storm was gone. The stars were out again, cutting the darkness with diamond fire.

18mm, f/3.5, 30 sec exposure

18mm, f/3.5, 30 sec exposure

I keep getting a feeling like I’m more connected to the stars and all the people I’ve ever met than I realize. Living in nature helped propel that connection. I am grateful for my sacred space on this Earth, for it is a space of wonder, amazement and creativity. A place to get lost and feel the joy kindred to that of a child. A safe space to learn, grow and create. I am even more grateful clients can enjoy it too. =)

Here is a roundup of the sky this week. It looks like the Moon and Orion are going to either have a duel or a dance off.



I’m still working on some of the pics from this shoot but wanted to post a few of my favorites. My mother in law and Laurean made this shoot happen! Laurean is such a professional and my mother in law used her horse whispering skills to ensure both models were happy!

I designed this shoot by the way. Laurean looked like everything I intended- intelligent, fierce and wild.

Adelynn has a very special place in my heart. I met her on the Vegas strip and now she’s in Texas splashing around with me in rain boots. Her mom and dad have their hands full but she’s one of the cutest lil hams I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Enjoy these fun pics that were taken on my property! It was a fabulous idea to get a house that can double as a studio. These were for fun.

























Lil Miss Explorer finding treasures in the yard.












When we were on the back porch, she made friends with my Siddhartha and said, “Baby! Hi baby!” Her momma and I were cracking up.

















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Welcome to the world prince Hawke!!

Today was special because:

  • It’s a blue moon.
  • The Bilottos make me smile.
  • Baby Hawke stole my heart.
  • I got to act like a queen and demand my ‘knights’ attack all enemies and bring me food.
  • I got to capture heART!!!!
  • I dunno, it just felt nice to be alive, and to be reminded by children and music (this song came on the radio as I was leaving the Bilotto’s house).

Here are a few shots chosen at random and there will be more where this sweetness came from.