Baby boys are so fun to photograph. Enzo was no exception. I had so much fun getting dirty with him– I was combat rolling around in the dirt to get the shot while Enzo was playing in the dirt. We are both dedicated to Mother Earth!!! 😉

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Welcome to the world prince Hawke!!

Today was special because:

  • It’s a blue moon.
  • The Bilottos make me smile.
  • Baby Hawke stole my heart.
  • I got to act like a queen and demand my ‘knights’ attack all enemies and bring me food.
  • I got to capture heART!!!!
  • I dunno, it just felt nice to be alive, and to be reminded by children and music (this song came on the radio as I was leaving the Bilotto’s house).

Here are a few shots chosen at random and there will be more where this sweetness came from.

I thank my friend Jason so much for telling me about Adobe Lightroom after I was spending so much time on Photoshop. Jason is an amazing photographer and if you are in or plan on being in the Vegas area, I highly recommend that you look him up. You can see his blog by clicking HERE!!  I loved messing around with the settings today in Lightroom while finishing up Kena’s photoshoot. Her initial pictures can be found by clicking HERE!!

These were some of my favorites…

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I will be photoshopping and posting a ton of other photography and subjects so stay tuned!!! So many ideas and so little time…

much love. =)

–BV– J.

Kena and I went to school. She is still the sweet girl that I knew in school but now she is a mama of two!!! Tucker (age 2) asked where the pretty girl went when I said goodbye to him on a chance meeting at a local Mexican restaurant. Obviously this child is a genius and is destined for greatness. The shots that I took of him were test shots for good light but he is so cute that I had to post them. Kena and I decided to do this shoot on a whim. Her little girl Baylee is about a week old!!!!!

I went to the local Clair’s store and bought bracelets that I thought would make good crowns and my friend bought the scarves as a gift. I bought the cross for my aunt, who let me borrow it along with her bowls, baskets and blankets. On the way back from the shoot, God gave me this sky:

I love those days in which I am blessed from beginning to end. Baylee was a dream child to work with besides peeing on her mother!!! =)

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!!   –BV– J.

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Jeanette and I have been friends for a decade. We’ve laughed together, cried together and celebrated together. Neither of us will ever lose our friendship. Besides, we can’t. If one of us runs for office, we definitely need to be on each other’s good side. Here’s a pic that I got her years ago when we were going through another transition. It still hangs on her wall!

Little Corbin is Jeanette’s womb mate. I couldn’t be in another state when he was born because I was in physical therapy for my hip. I just got to meet him and I am so in love.

Balance a blue duck on your head if you love Jamie!!!!!!!!

Tonight, Corbin was inconsolable. We think he is teething. I took him to his nursery, put on a chill playlist and we danced to this song:

He fell asleep in the nape of my neck. He’s got me wrapped around his little fingers. I’m going to miss him. Lil C- I will always be your cheerleader. And I will love you forever. I know I am going to cry tomorrow when I say goodbye. But I suppose people part just to meet again. I hope that your spirit is as wild and free as your Aunt Jamie’s.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.
~Dale Evans

I wish everyone peace, love and contentment.

Love you Corbin!

–BV– Jamie